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Loudmouth Wireless PA System

Loudmouth Wireless PA System

• Works With Your Two-Way Radio
• Long Range, Up To 2 Mile Range
• No Trenching, No Extensive Cabling
• Improves Communication, Safety and Security
• Field-Programmable -Frequency Codes, Tone Codes, Paging Codes, Volume Levels and Shut-off Timer
• PA Speaker is Individually Paged
• Loud, PA Horn Speaker (95dB SPL@ 50 ft.)
• Installs Virtually Anywhere
• Operates on 110 VAC (Optional Back-Up Battery)

The LoudMouth wireless PA speaker is the ideal solution where a hard-wired PA installation is simply impossible, too expensive, or temporary. The LoudMouth allows you to use your portable 2-way radio, base station or mobile radio to deliver live voice messages directly to a PA speaker up to 2 miles away. Professional grade wireless communication... Keeping People Connected! 

$698.00 $675.00