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Protalk TK-2400VP/3400UP Compact VHF/UHF FM 2-Watt Portable Radios

Protalk TK-2400VP/3400UP Compact VHF/UHF FM 2-Watt Portable Radios

The compact ProTalk® business radios

TK-2400VP/3400UP – are Kenwood’s latest

portable two-way radios. Offering the ideal

solution for communications in construction,

manufacturing and warehousing, retail,

hospitality, facility management and rental

fleet applications. Elegantly engineered to

provide superb ease of use and audio

clarity, even in noisy environments, it also

boasts rugged reliability for dependable

communications in all weather conditions.


Ergonomically contoured for comfort, the ProTalk®

naturally fits the hand for a sure grip. Featuring a

non-slip elastomer channel knob with improved

torque characteristics, it ensures positive response

while avoiding accidental changes.


ProTalk® 4 and 16 channel models are available to

match your needs and requirements, offering ample

capacity for multiple channels or radio systems.

• 4 channel (VHF: TK-2400V4P, UHF: TK-3400U4P)

• 16 channel (VHF: TK-2400V16P, UHF: TK-3400U16P)

$247.00 $219.00