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QP-7500 -U1

QP-7500 -U1

Main Features Channel Annunciation

The radio will announce the channel selected for

operation. Use Time-Division Multiple-Access (TDMA)

Digital Technology doubles the number of channels on

a single licensed 12.5 KHZ channel. In compliance with Man Down (optional)

the DMR digital protocol. When this feature is activated the radio will enter an

alarm mode if the radio remains in a horizontal position

for a certain amount of time. The amount of time can be Water Resistance & Dust Protection customized and pre-set by the user.

The radio meets IP-67 for ingress protection.


Channels The radios have multiple features like DMR Monitor,

32 Channels, 2 Zone / 16 Channel per zone. Each Per Channel ID, Group Call Alert, TX Contact not

Channel can be programmed on Analog / included, Same ID code, Internal/External Mic Gain,

Digital Protocol. Channels are dual mode, allowing for a etc. that will allow to program the radios to meet the

specific needs of the user. Radios are upgradable and smooth transition from Analogue to Digital. 136-174

MHZ (VHF), 400-527 MHZ. new features can be added in the future.

Bluetooth (optional) Military Specifications

Bluetooth Operation can be selected to use with Constructed for protection against shock and vibration

Bluetooth headset, earpiece and Bluetooth PTT, or to maintain a high level of durability.

even to use Bluetooth programming.

Other Features included

GPS. (Optional) Lone Worker

The radio offers GPS function, it can report its GPS Digital Encryption

data, and other information by preset intervals, by Voice auto record detection of manually, or by polling, etc. The Radio can

save its GPS information for later reading by CPS too. Contact/Channel Import Export

CTCSS/DCS Encode & Decode (analogue mode)

Vibration DTMF/MDC1200/2 tone/5 Tone encode decode

(Analogue Mode) Vibration mode can be selected to remind the user

silently that he has a call. Dual Priority Scan

One Touch/ Quick Menu

Voice Messages Vox

The radio can send a voice message to others as a Kill/ Revive

notice, a memo, a message, etc. Recording and play Power Up Zone/ Home Zone back of the messages can be done.

6-Programmable Long / Short Keys

Power On / Write / Read / Configuration File Emergency Alarm

Password In case of an emergency, an alarm will be transmitted

from the radio when the alarm button is pressed.



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