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VXR-7000 Series VHF/UHF Desktop Repeater/Base Station

VXR-7000 Series VHF/UHF Desktop Repeater/Base Station

Dual-Purpose Repeater For

Efficient Communications

The VXR-7000 not only helps expand the communication range

of two-way radio systems, but it also serves as a base station

for convenient, easy fleet communications in public safety,

industrial or administrative work areas. Continuous-duty and

cycle-rated, this one unit is designed to enhance productivity

for a maximum return on investment.

Convert To Talk At a Press Of A Button

While a full-featured repeater, the VXR-7000 immediately switches to

function in base station mode simply by pressing the Push to Talk Transmit

button. Once released, the unit converts back to repeater mode.

Local Or Remote Operating Capability

Controlled by the operator with a press of a button, the VXR-7000 is

designed to function as programmed. Or, switch to remote mode and

the unit is controlled by instructions received from an external device

connected to the accessory connector.

When Safety Counts

The VXR-7000 has DTMF decoding built-in to coordinate with the

Emergency and ANI functions found in Vertex Standard mobile and portable

two-way radios. If an Emergency alert is received from a mobile or portable

radio, the VXR-7000 will beep loudly and blink the LCD to notify the

dispatcher of the emergency alert.

Uninterrupted Power Supply

For uninterrupted operation during power failures, a 12 volt rechargeable

battery may be connected. During a power outage, the automatic power

control circuit will immediately switch the repeater to the backup battery.